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No African American suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


To education the African American Community about the causes, treatment and resources for CKD

Historical Impact

 An estimated 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease

African Americans account for 35% of all kidney failure cases

Americans of African ancestry are 4-5 times more likely to develop kidney failure than Americans of European descent

African Americans have higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure, the primary causes of chronic kidney failure, than the white population.

Standard treatments for kidney failure are dialysis and kidney transplant

While 28.5 percent of the total candidates currently waiting for transplants are African Americans, they comprised 12.9 percent of organ donors in 2020. 

Of that 28.5 percent of African Americans waiting for a transplant in 2020, only 27.7 percent received a kidney, as opposed to 47.6 percent of whites waiting for a transplant.

Additionally, in 2020, 16.4 percent of African Americans were living donors compared to 33.4 percent of white living donors.

Watch this C.K.D. video.

How You Can Help

What We Know

We know Kidney transplants save lives and improve the quality of life

We know that you only need one kidney to live a healthy life

We know the transplant waitlist can be long (avg wait time 2-8 years)

We know the number of donors in the African American community is disproportionate to the need

We Know part of the unwillingness to donate is fear (doctors, medical system finances) and lack of kidney education

We know that African Americans need additional help finding a donor

We know the process for donating a kidney is simple and straightforward and does not cost you


Our Call

Our goal is to create an easy access list of 500 Friends and Family members that are willing to be potential donors! 

Adding your name to the list only states you are willing to be considered as donor, it does not guarantee you will be selected. 

You can help by using the QR code above and completing the registration form.  If you are selected, you will be asked to meet with your recipient’s doctor to see if you are a match. 

If you are a match, you will be asked to decide whether to move forward with the donation or not.